Did you ever think being a parent would be such a challenge?

Do you wonder how your cute bundle of joy has turned into a rude, argumentative little tyrant?! Is the morning routine so exhausting after all the nagging, shouting, pleading and arguing that you feel frazzled by the time you’ve got them out of the door? Do you listen to yourself sometimes and wonder when you turned into an old nagging fish-wife?!

Parenting can be hard.  It’s full of daily challenges that can all add up and spiral out of control to make all the good intentions you had about bringing up your children disappear out of the window.

All is not lost!

There are steps you can take to make parenting easier and less stressful….

Parent Powers is a 12 part audio programme designed so that you can listen to it at home, on the go, in the car, walking the dog – any time you have around 20 minutes to spare.

  • Full of tools, tips and strategies and some useful frameworks to make your life as a parent fun, rewarding and hassle-free.
  • You'll get instant access to 12 downloadable audio files
  • As an added bonus, you will also receive all the information as 12 booklets that you can either read online or print off and refer to as required.

The Parent Powers Audio Programme will provide you with:

  • Children who listen first time round

  • Improved family relationships

  • A calmer household

You’ll find that by implementing some simple strategies, you’ll see your children listening to you first time round, you’ll be nagging less, connecting more and also improving your relationships in your family.  Your household will be calmer and you’ll be well on the way to ensuring you’re turning out well-mannered, well-adjusted and well-behaved little human beings!

For just £47 (less than a meal out with your family), you can take action and get your parenting power back!  Click on the link below to start the ball rolling...

Superhero mum - Parent Powers

I’m Beth Parmar ...

...and I coach and train parents to make their life easier and parenting more rewarding.  My 'Calm Toolkit for Parents' is packed full of really easy to implement tips, strategies and techniques to help to you keep your calm and quickly recover if you lose your temper and find yourself screaming and shouting at your kids. Imagine how useful a toolkit like this could be to you. How much easier and stress free would your home life be if you could keep your cool in tricky situations? What a great role model would you be for your kids - showing them that there’s another way to behave when things are in danger of getting out of control?

Don't just take my word for it, here's what others are saying:

It’s great that I can listen to any of the modules at any time,  I even listened to one module whilst cooking the dinner!  I highly recommend listening to these audio programmes should you wish to pick up some really amazing parenting tools.
JANE, mum of 2  

Highly recommended.   Love this Parent Powers Audio course, there is a a wealth of practical advice on here.    I especially like the audio format, short 15-20 minute bursts mean you easily find time to listen.
 JULIE, mum of 2

With this audio programme Beth provides the opportunity to take a step back from the frustrating daily cycle of discarded clothes and dirty shoes!  She brings clarity to why we react in the way we do, with practical steps to enable you to change your reactions, and understand the reactions of your children.   The test now will be putting it all into ongoing practice!"
ANNIE, mum of 3

Since implementing the strategies from this audio series, peace has broken out in my household and it’s a much more pleasant environment to live in!  The strategies are clear and understandable and easy to implement.  I just wish I’d listened to it sooner!
PAUL, dad of 2

I found the podcasts to be concise and so realistic, verbalising many of my day to day situations with two teenage girls. The realisation that I was experiencing normal growing pains and the insight Beth's podcasts offered gave me very useful strategies to move forward.
SHONA, mum of 2