SuperKids was launched in 2011 and it provides children (aged between 7-11 years) a set of really easy to learn and understand tools, tips, exercises and strategies for them to boost their confidence, brain power and to improve their general well being.

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Heads Up


Teens and pre-teens have a lot on their plate these days. Pressures of school work, their social life (including the explosion of social networking and electronic communication), and an ever-decreasing pool of jobs to apply for when they leave school can often leave teens feeling stressed out and anxious

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Parent Powers

Parenting – the toughest job in the world, but also the most rewarding when it all goes to plan.  Think about it - new managers get sent on a ‘management training course’ to equip them with the skills for the new challenges they’re going to face.

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Teen Body Confidence

With the increase in teenagers having poor body image issues (boys as well as girls), something needs to be done to address it. The Teen Body Confidence programme gives both girls and boys in their teens the chance to learn from experts in their field on different aspects of body confidence.

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