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Parent Powers 12 week audio programmeNOW AVAILABLE
Parent Powers Audio Programme

 A 12 part audio programme covering all elements of the Parent Powers course.
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During the 4 week Parent Powers course we cover:

  • What goes on in our brains and how we can work with our brains natural functioning (and understand our children better too)
  • Techniques for remaining calm and in control
  • Communication strategies to encourage cooperation and reduce argument
  • Consistency and boundaries and how to make them work in your family
  • How to raise your child’s self esteem

Parenting – the toughest job in the world, but also the most rewarding when it all goes to plan. Think about it - new managers get sent on a ‘management training course’ to equip them with the skills for the new challenges they’re going to face. Or they at least get a staff handbook packed full of what to do in various scenarios like discipline, grievance, sickness etc. What do you get when you become a parent? Er…..nothing! No training, no instruction manual, no magic rulebook or strategy plan. It’s just you and the kids and a lot of learning by trial and error!

I designed Parent Powers to bridge this gap. To act as that management training course and instruction manual you never got! Parent Powers is not a course for bad parents – it’s really useful tools, tips and strategies to make good parents brilliant and to take the stress out of the day to day battles of will which occur in households up and down the country (and all over the world for that matter!). Parent Powers helps you to be at your best so that your children can grow up into confident and well rounded adults.

The ethos of Parent Powers is simple – being a parent is all about you, not all about your kids. If you can learn how to manage your own state, thoughts and behaviour and learn some really useful communication and motivation strategies, you will be in the very best position to be able to get the best out of your children and reduce conflict in the household once and for all. And, although your kids might not thank you for it at the time, you will have done them the biggest favour of all by demonstrating to them the power of patience, self control and commitment.

Friday Mornings 10am-12noon starting 8th February

Week 1- 8th February
Week 2 - 15th February
Week 3 - 1st March
Week 4 - 8th March

Venue: Churchill House, 107 High Street, Berkhamsted HP4 2DG
Price £125 per person 
Price includes folder of materials and refreshments

Monday Evenings 7pm – 9pm starting 25th February

Week 1 - 25th February
Week 2 - 4th March
Week 3 - 11th March
Week 4 - 18th March

Venue: Churchill House, 107 High Street, Berkhamsted HP4 2DG
Price £125 per person 
Price includes folder of materials and refreshments

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