“Why don’t they teach this stuff in schools?”

I do a lot of work in schools too. Most of the areas I cover are part of the National Curriculum (particularly PSHE). When pupils learn the strategies I teach for skills such as concentration and focus, improving confidence, positive thinking and state control, they become better at their core subject areas as they are far more emotionally aware and resilient to deal with whatever the school day throws at them.

Both Brilliant Minds and HeadsUp! can be delivered in schools as part of the timetable either for whole classes or for specific pupils who could do with a little more specific training.

Areas where the courses are really useful are:

  • Transition workshops for primary to secondary school – building confidence around the issue of change, friendship issues, bullying, personal awareness, positive thinking and goal setting.
  • Exam confidence – for groups such as Year 6 taking their SATs right through to A level pupils, pupils will learn techniques to stay calm and to be in the right frame of mind for an exam. It’s all about getting into THE right state rather than getting into A right state!
  • Revision and memory skills – Suitable for GCSE and A level students this course looks at the strategies used by memory champions and masters of organisation. Pupils learn the key to effective revision strategy and memory techniques that really stick.
  • Teen Body Confidence - A National Curriculum based programme covering important tools and strategies to improve body confidence. Click here for more details.

In addition I am able to offer one to one coaching for specific pupils who are struggling with areas such as:

  • lack of confidence
  • low self esteem
  • lack of concentration
  • bullying
  • friendship issues
  • and more…..

If you would like to discuss how I can help make a positive difference to pupils at your school, please give me a call on 07775 565220 or email me at to see how I can help.