Do you just have days where your kids are pushing your buttons and you just fly off the handle?

Say things you regret later on, lose you temper, raise your voice and basically act like the parent you vowed you would never be? Being a parent is hard. It's emotional. You desperately want to do the right thing and set a good example to your kids, but at the same time they infuriate you and can bring out the worst in you at times!

Don't Worry!  Help is at hand!

I’m Beth Parmar...

...and I coach and train parents to make their life easier and parenting more rewarding.  My 'Calm Toolkit for Parents' is packed full of really easy to implement tips, strategies and techniques to help to you keep your calm and quickly recover if you lose your temper and find yourself screaming and shouting at your kids. Imagine how useful a toolkit like this could be to you. How much easier and stress free would your home life be if you could keep your cool in tricky situations? What a great role model would you be for your kids - showing them that there’s another way to behave when things are in danger of getting out of control?

My 'Calm Toolkit for Parents' will help you to manage your state and be a calmer, happier parent.

  • 26 page e-book full of practical tips
  • 2 downloadable audio exercises

For a limited time only, "The Calm Tookit for Parents" is just £4.99

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In the CALM TOOLKIT you'll discover:

  • How prevention can be better than cure:

    Learn how to plan for tricky situations and avoid family meltdowns.

  • That calmness is an inside job:

    Learn useful techniques for thinking yourself calm and stopping small disagreements from turning your family home into a war-zone!

  • How to do the right thing

    Learn practical and easy to use exercises to calm yourself down when you’ve got yourself into a state (without the need for spa days, scented candles or copious amounts of alcohol!)

For less than the price of a glass of wine, you can learn techniques that will have an immediate impact on your family life and help you to be the calm, happy stress-free parent you always dreamed of being.

Don't just take my word for it, here's what others are saying:

Since implementing the strategies from The Calm Toolkit, out house has been transformed from a battle ground to a much calmer environment.  We are all shouting less and talking more.  The techniques are really simple and highly effective.  I also use them at work too!    CAROLINE, mum of 3

I am now a stronger calmer person and I feel empowered to be a better parent,  I’ve discovered that remaining calm will get you a long way!   RACHEL, mum of 2

Beth as a great way of explaining techniques and makes them easy to understand and put into practice.  I would thoroughly recommend her!   HELEN, mum of 2

For a limited time only, "The Calm Tookit for Parents" is just £4.99

Buy Now