The Art of Listening

December 16, 2014

“We have two ears and only one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” Epictetus

listeningHow many times during conversations with your children (and other family members) do you tune in 100% and actively listen to exactly what they are saying to you? Steven Covey once said “ Most people do not listen with the intent to UNDERSTAND. Most people listen with the intent to REPLY”. We tend to get caught up planning our own response to a conversation with someone and not really focusing on the real meaning of what is being said.

Next time your kids speak to you, allow yourself to really focus on what they are saying and also HOW they are saying it. What else can you interpret from what they are saying to you? Also sometimes our kids just want to tell us things without us having to offer a solution or advice or our opinion. They just want to say it. They just want us to listen. For some children too, it helps them to process something by saying it out loud. Just look at them, make eye contact and some indication that you have heard them and let them pour out what’s on their mind.

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This post was written by Beth Parmar