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Confidence, ability and well-being for today’s kids

Today’s kids live in a fast-paced, demanding world. Education starts young but rarely covers essential life skills. Brilliant Minds teaches kids, aged 7 to 11, how to boost their confidence, brain power and general well-being. I use easy to learn and understand tools, tips, exercises and strategies to help kids cope.


Revision stress? Top tips and tools for GSCE studies

HeadsUp! is a programme designed to teach students HOW to study for success. I’ll help them get motivated, teach them how to study for better results and how to avoid getting overwhelmed. I understand that most Year 10 and 11 GCSE students aren’t taught how to revise. HeadsUp! uses practical tips to reduce the stress of revision and stop the panic setting in.


Find Your Parenting Superpower!

Parenting: the toughest job with no instructions. We all go through highs and lows with our kids. This 4-week course will help you to understand why kids behave as they do and how to deal with each situation in a positive way. Parenting doesn’t need to be trial and error – I use common, everyday scenarios to help you find your parenting cape and superpower.

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Exam Day Tips

May 7, 2019

With the first GCSEs starting next week, many students will be facing many potentially stressful exams – often with more... View Article


If parenting sometimes feels like a challenge, you’re not alone! Being a parent is the hardest job with no instructions. Kids are built to press our buttons and, because we are human, we react.

My toolkit provides parents with children of all age groups with strategies to make life easier, and parenting more rewarding.

Learn to keep your cool and diffuse stress by using easy-to-implement tips and techniques for every situation.

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Calm Tookit for Parents