50 ways to beat the boredom this summer

July 16, 2018

Beat the boredom…

  1. So the summer holidays are well and truly in full swing.  How many times are you starting to hear “Mum, I’m bored!”?

    Bored Kids

    To help give you a bit of inspiration here are 50 things to help your kids beat the boredom:

    1. Jump on a trampoline covered in water balloons.
    2. Spend the day in fancy dress.
    3. Have a picnic.
    4. Have a picnic indoors when it’s raining.
    5. Find a bridge over a river and have a game of Pooh Sticks.
    6. Go bug hunting in your garden or local park.
    7. Do some bark rubbings.
    8. Get creative with some pavement chalks.
    9. Head to the local library and borrow as many books as you’re allowed.
    10. Have a disco in your living room.
    11. Build a den out of furniture, cushions and blankets.
    12. Have a family games night – board games, the Wii console, hide and seek… whatever works for you.
    13. Play ‘restaurants’ at meal times with the children taking the orders and cooking and serving the food as appropriate to their abilities.
    14. Make paper aeroplanes and fly them outside.
    15. Visit somewhere you’ve never been before.
    16. Buy a scrap book and stick in mementoes from your summer fun, and write about it.
    17. Grow a plant from a seed.
    18. Do a treasure hunt in your house or garden. Or go geo-caching if you’re feeling adventurous.
    19. Put on a show for your parents/grandparents.
    20. Unplug for a whole day – grown ups too. No TV, radio, computers, tablets, smart phones (except essential phone calls).
    21. Make a book of jokes
    22. Cut out paper dolls and costumes for them
    23. Get a magnet and make a list of everything in your house that is magnetized
    24. Get a ruler and measure things in your house, recording their length
    25. Make a laser obstacle course in your hall with yarn or tape
    26. Make a dolls house out of cardboard
    27. Learn a tongue twister
    28. Cut a guitar out of cardboard and add rubber band strings
    29. Make a scene in a cardboard box
    30. Make homemade wrapping paper
    31. Create a play with costumes
    32. Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage
    33. Use plain white paper and envelopes and decorate your own personalized stationery
    34. Make & decorate a calendar of the summer, with important dates marked.
    35. Use masking tape to make a race track for your cars all over your living room
    36. Set up a shop and be the shop keeper
    37. Decorate an old T-shirt with cool buttons & fabric pens
    38. Use old cardboard tubes and boxes to build a marble maze.
    39. Make "funky junk" art out of old jewelry
    40. Make snow globes or calming jars with glycerin and glitter
    41. Draw a picture of a desert island with all the things you would want on it
    42. Blindfold your sibling & take them on a tour of your house and garden, then swap places.
    43. Make a fairy house for your garden
    44. Create your own board game
    45. See if you can draw a picture with your foot.
    46. Make puppets with old socks, buttons & markers.
    47. Make a list of fun things you can do without a grownup
    48. Use a basket and string to rig an elevator to hoist stuffed animals up your staircase
    49. String a necklace out of pasta
    50. Glue ice-lolly sticks together to make picture frames, decorate.

    I hope you have some fun with these and I’m sure you can add a few of your own too.



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This post was written by Beth Parmar