6 Tips for a Great Family Summer

June 27, 2018

6 Tips for Great Family Summer

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Whether you’re jetting off abroad or staying at home, the summer break is a chance to spend some quality time together as a family. If you’re a parent, making summer plans can be a bit daunting and six weeks can feel like a long time to keep the kids entertained. Spending lots of time together can also mean tempers get frayed and you’re soon counting down the days until September begins. But summer is actually a great time to reconnect with all the important relationships in your life – from your kids and your partner to your friends and wider family. So to help keep everyone cool this summer, here are six holiday survival tips:


1.  Plan together

Whether you’re going on holiday or staying put, it’s important to plan together as a family. Make everyone feel involved in plans and keep note of everyone’s wishes.

2.  Make the most of things

Make the most of what’s special about summer. Go for family walks during those long warm evenings, or arrange a family picnic. Also, look out for free or cheap music events and summer fairs and carnivals.

3.  Calm down

Arguments are often a part of family life, but take care to diffuse tensions before things get too heated. If your children are arguing, ask them to go into separate rooms and take five. You can do this too if you’re getting wound up!

4.  Switch off

If you have time off work, try to make sure it’s really time off. As much as possible, try not to check emails or work phones and really focus on enjoying time with your family.

5. Reconnect

It’s common for parents not to see their friends as much, especially when children are very young. But summer provides a chance for reconnecting, as there are lots of activities, like picnics and barbeques where parents and children from different families can get together.

6.  Invest in your relationship

During the summer, older kids are often out doing their own thing, or perhaps they are visiting grandparents or other family members, so this is a good opportunity for spending some time on your relationship with your partner.

I hope you find these tips useful and that you have a fantastic summer holiday.  Remember if there are any family issues or challenges you are facing and would like some quick support and advice, book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation here.



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This post was written by Beth Parmar