About Beth Parmar


A people-focused career

After a successful corporate career in Human Resources, specialising in work psychology and performance development, I decided to retire to the ‘easy life’ and become a full-time mum. What a wake-up call that was!

Changing times; changing views

Having grimaced and ‘tutted’ to myself many times watching parents in supermarkets struggle to constrain their children or losing their temper with them in the park; together with my husband, we set out to be the perfect examples of parenting.

But as the first of my children grew older I began to see that toddler parenting didn’t come as naturally as caring for a baby. And a few years later the first day of school arrived and it all changed again… up until then I’d simply ‘blamed the parents’ but soon began to think it was the kids that needed help…

You know, this might just work with children too?

While this was all happening, I had continued to study and gained professional qualifications in various ‘understanding how the brain works’ style, self-development disciplines.

So I began to look at what I had learned over the years, in high-powered corporate environments and in the classroom, and started applying it to myself and how I engaged with my children.

The lightbulb moment

I started to develop ways of teaching my kids the stuff that I was learning, in a way that interested them and that they could have fun with. My husband also joined in these family learning exercises and, before we knew it, we had created a happy family environment.

I’m not saying it was perfect, because new challenges arrived every week, but collectively we had discovered ways of managing those changes and making them work.

I have three wonderful children, now aged between 14 and 19 and, although they would say that their dad and I are still hard work occasionally, we get on like a house with the heating turned up.

Starting my business

It seemed an obvious next step to help others with parenting and family problems. I wasn’t aware of anyone else doing this, but I knew that all families suffered the same challenges.

Having enjoyed the best years of my life engaging with and watching my own children grow up I decided that I wanted to share (rather than grimace and tut) what I had learned with others.

So in 2011 I started running programmes for children in local schools, at youth groups and one-to-one in peoples’ homes; primarily based around improving kids confidence and concentration. Over time this evolved into my SuperKids workshops, designed to provide children with powerful skills to succeed both in school and at home; and give them a great foundation for life. I continue to run these and various other workshops in primary and secondary schools around the area.

From the success of Brilliant Minds (formerly SuperKids) I have now created additional programmes to cover parenting and older children; all aimed at creating harmony, happiness and higher achievement from each member of your family.

My values; my passion

The thing that really drives my passion for what I do is helping to ensure that no-one feels that they are a bad parent or have a problem child.

My workshops are all about getting the best out of who you already are and making the most of the talent, passion and potential that exists within all of us.


My professional qualifications include:

Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Expert Practitioner of Empowering Learning

Diploma in Child Psychology

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Treating Generalised Anxiety – Mind Body Breakthrough