How to turn GCSE stress into success

February 11, 2019

turn GCSE stress into success

GCSE Stress

GCSE stress can be an ominous cloud over students throughout years 10 and 11. This stress can result in diminished performance, anxiety, and can even sometimes result in a lowering of students’ ambition. Thankfully, if channelled correctly, this type of stress can be turned into a powerful motivator that will not only drive students’ success but also productivity. Here are some of the things they could do:


We live in a constantly connected society where we are also plugged into lots of channels. Sometimes, this can be a source of stress, so it’s important for students to take some time out of their day to just disconnect from it all. They need to step away from their phone, stop checking social media and texts, and set boundaries on screen time. This time will be for them to re-charge and give their mind a break from the stress. When they come back to it all, they will enter into any revision activities with a clear head.


If stress is weighing them down, sometimes it can be a good idea to just sit down and talk about it. This could be with anyone who will listen – a friend, a parent, counsellor or teacher. When they take a moment to sit down and talk through a problem, they’ll be surprised to realise that the solution was really in front of them the whole time, all they needed was a moment to properly talk it through.


One of the best ways to blast through stress is exercise. It’s been proven that staying active and regularly exercising is one of the best ways to reduce stress levels. If students don’t have time to get a proper workout in, they can still get up and go for a short walk. Physical exercise is a great activity for revision breaks and can help boost focus and concentration.


If their workspace looks like a bomb went off, then they might want to consider tidying up and getting their space organised. Working in an environment that is cluttered and messy can be a trigger for stress, so it can be a good idea for students to get some cleaning in. If the very thought of cleaning stresses them out, they could always start small by clearing their desk, or organising their folders. Whatever they decide to do, getting organised can make a positive impact in chipping away at their stress.


There is a culture among high achieving students that revision must be a 24/7 nonstop grind. While there’s nothing wrong with working hard, sometimes students physically and mentally need a break. Having a good outlet to unwind and relax can be a good idea to maintain their stress and help them flip it into productivity. Students need to take a break every once in a while, and try to remember to implement that into their routine as needed.


When it is nonstop with their revision, sleep often falls by the wayside. People often say, “You can sleep when you’re dead.” This isn’t great advice for students!  Sleep is incredibly important for the human body, and a lack of sleep can be one of the most driving factors towards carrying large amounts of stress. It’s easy to regurgitate science and say you need 8 hours of sleep, but let’s be real: sometimes that doesn’t work with busy lives. In the end, students need to find their sleep sweet spot, where they feel comfortable where they can balance their revision workload, while still getting an adequate amount of rest.

Stress can weigh heavily on GCSE students, but it can be effectively managed with the right tricks. With these tips, students could become the master of their stress, and watch themselves turn it around into a powerful motivator for their success.

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