Help! Has my Year 11 left it too late to start revising?

January 13, 2019


Many Year 11s will have received their mocks grades and some may be in a bit of a panic about how much revision they have to do in order to increase these grades by the real GCSEs in June.  Yes, time is running out, but is it too late to get on track and make effective progress with revision? The good news is that there is still enough time to make a real impact on grades and to develop a strategy to get sufficient revision done.

Here are my top tips for the late GCSE revision starters:

  • Do a stocktake – It’s important to know where you are in terms of understanding and capability for each of your subjects and for each of your topics within those subjects. Go through your syllabus and code each topic either green, amber or red based on your confidence and knowledge of the material. Use this for the basis of prioritising your work. Focus on the red topics first, then amber, then green.
  • Make a plan – Love them or hate them, having a realistic and achievable revision schedule can make all the difference to your productivity. Make sure that the timetable takes into account all your weekly commitments and that you schedule in enough downtime to avoid stress and burnout. Be specific when filling in your subjects to revise in individual timeslots. For example rather than writing BIOLOGY, break it down into a specific topic such as CELL STRUCTURE. You could also go one step further and include how you are actually going to revise the topic eg. Revision guide, YouTube clips, class worksheet, past paper or making flashcards, posters or mindmaps.
  • Make sure your revision methods and varied and interesting – There is nothing more demotivating than sitting for hours on end with your head in a text book copying out large chunks of material or spending time highlighting loads of keywords. These are the least effective revision methods. Add variety and interest to your revision by incorporating different revision methods you may not have tried before. By revising with more active methods you will be able to complete more revision in less time – and enjoy it more in the process.
  • Ask for help – Your teachers are one of the most powerful resources at your disposal. Ask them for feedback on your mock papers, ask them for advice on how to get to grips with a particular topic, ask if they have any worksheets, resources or materials you could use.
  • Make short term sacrifices for long term gain – When time is limited it’s important to use it effectively. Think about small sacrifices you could make over the coming few months to free up time for revision. Playing less X-Box, spending less time on your phone, watching a few episodes less on Netflix and not going out quite as much could make all the difference to how long you can spend on preparing for your GCSEs. Just think, after June you will have so much free time on your hands!

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This post was written by Beth Parmar