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Brilliant Minds has evolved for the SuperKids programme which was launched in 2011 and it provides children (aged between 7-11 years) a set of really easy to learn and understand tools, tips, exercises and strategies for them to boost their confidence, brain power and to improve their general well being.

Brilliant Minds combines some brain skills techniques with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), basic brain science and learning strategies.

The Brilliant Minds courses are held either during school holidays, as an after school club or at weekends and here children learn some great new skills they don’t get to learn anywhere else.

The courses and fun, lively and interactive with lots of opportunity to try out new skills, create things and take part in various activities and games.



This is a fun and interactive half day workshop for children aged 7-11.  It covers a wealth of useful tools, tips and strategies to help improve children's confidence.  This workshop will cover:

  • An introduction to the brain, how we can use it better
  • Techniques to stay calm and in control when we feel nervous
  • The power of our thoughts and how we can be more in charge of how we think
  • Understanding body language and how we can change how we feel by using our bodies
  • Celebrating our strengths and successes

COST: £40 per child

Choose from dates:

Monday 18th Feb 10am-12.30pm

Monday 8th April 10am-12.30pm

Tuesday 28th May 10am-12.30pm


Finding out how carrying lots of worries around can affect us and how we perform and learning lots of ways to get rid of worries and feel better. This fun and interactive workshop is full of lots of exercises and strategies to help deal with worries and move on with everyday life.

COST: £40 per child

Choose from dates:

Tuesday 19th Feb 10am-12.30pm

Tuesday 9th April 10am-12.30pm

Wed 29th May 10am-12.30pm


Learning how anger works, some really useful strategies and techniques to avoid letting anger take hold and learning to deal with anger when it strikes. This workshop is fun and interactive with lots of tools, tips and strategies to stop anger getting in the way of everyday life.

COST: £40 per child

Choose from dates:

Wed 20th Feb 10am-12.30pm

Wed 10th April 10am-12.30pm

Thurs 30th May 10am-12.30pm


This workshop includes how to identify the best types of friends for us, strategies to make new friends and also some useful ways to deal with disagreements and conflict with friends.  Ideal for when children are moving school, joining new clubs or having difficulties with friendship groups.

COST: £40 per child

Choose from dates:

Thurs 21st Feb 10am-12.30pm

Thurs 11th April 10am-12.30pm

Fri 31st May 10am-12.30pm

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