Boost your confidence


Who is it for?

Boys and girls aged between 7 and 11. Anyone suffering with full-blown shyness or just needing a little encouragement to try something new.

What do they learn?

They learn to be comfortable with being a little uncomfortable; how to be brave and step up to new experiences.


Give me an example

Well, my favourite bit of the workshop is when I teach the kids a ‘power pose’. I ask them to act like a superhero in front of each other. Of course, what they are actually doing is learning how to use body language to subconsciously change how they feel but it’s more fun to imagine flying or freezing things or wearing bright red pants.

The detail

As parents, it can be tough to watch our once precocious toddlers turn into young people that lack confidence. Just when we want them to be trying new things or making the most of their youth and vitality, they seem to be heading in the opposite direction. The ‘Boost your Confidence’ workshops are ideal to help kids better understand their emotions. Whether they’re scared of doing things on their own (and missing out on sleepovers, school trips or clubs and activities), or feeling inadequate (not clever enough to answer a question in class, or worried that they aren’t as good as their friends at things) we can bring out their inner confidence.

We also cover how to stay calm, a little bit about our brains and what emotions are and we find out how to celebrate our strengths and successes.

When can we come?

The next half-day workshops are scheduled for:

Monday 8th April 10am-12.30pm

Tuesday 28th May 10am-12.30pm

How do I book?

Click here and choose your session.

Cost £40 per child.

Let’s face it, when they’re at home or with family, kids can display bucketloads of confidence. Think of the post mealtime boisterous play or their attitude when trying to avoid tidying their room. But just because your little one is no shrinking violet in the safety of their own home doesn’t mean they are confidence and outgoing in the classroom or when faced with a larger audience.

As adults, we recognise the right time to switch on our bravery. We know when we need to raise the energy levels and be noticed. Kids haven’t learnt this skill. In fact, their powers of reasoning aren’t developed enough for them to do so.

Sometimes, this lack of understanding can lead to a more deep-seated fear of speaking in front of people. They become ‘shy’, perhaps even refusing to put their hand up in class, even when they know the answer to a question. Suddenly, school plays or being part of a new social group seems impossible to them. By taking part in the ‘Boost Your Confidence’ workshop, kids can find out how to deal with these feelings and overcome their shyness before it takes a hold in later life.

Book now and celebrate the return of your little superhero.

Cost: £40 per child.

Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look at what some of the children who recently came along to the ‘Boost Your Confidence’ workshop had to say about it……