Dealing with Anger

Who is it for?

Boys and girls aged between 7 and 11 who are feeling angry a lot. Sometimes, grumpiness and tantrums can take a turn for the worse and develop into full-blown anger issues. Anger is a very natural emotion but it can be hard for children to control, often affecting family relationships and friendships.

What do they learn?

They find out more about what anger is, why we feel it and how to control it. Importantly, we teach them how to calm themselves down and how to control their temper to stop anger ever really taking hold.

Give me an example 

As well as the kids themselves, I invite the little anger gremlins to this workshop. It can be crowded but it means we get to find out what these little gremlins are saying to the children and why that makes them angry. The kids get to draw their gremlin then learn how to refuse to listen to him. The most fun part is learning how to flick him off your shoulder when he starts talking!

The detail 

Anger is a very natural emotion and it’s an important life skill to learn how to control it. As adults, we struggle at times, so it’s no wonder that our youngsters do too. They aren’t necessarily even aware of the name of this emotion that gets them into trouble or makes them fall out with their friends. I take a light-hearted, yet effective, approach to what can be a very damaging emotion. Family dynamics, school work and friendships can all be affected badly by anger. It’s time to say goodbye to the anger gremlin and hello to the little angel you know and love!

When can we come?

More workshops coming soon.

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Cost £40 per child.

I’m pretty sure there are many adults out there who could do with getting up close and personal with their anger gremlin! Anger is a damaging emotion, yet it’s entirely natural and, as humans, we actually need a little of it to keep us safe. However, for our little ones, losing their temper can be a frightening experience and they will genuinely struggle to control these feelings if they haven’t learnt how. This workshop helps kids to understand how anger works as well as giving them a variety of tools to control it.

Don’t let the gremlin get away with it!

Don’t just take my word for it though, see what some children who recently came along to the ‘Dealing with Anger’ workshop thought about it…….