Friendship Skills


Who is it for?

Boys and girls aged between 7 and 11. Anyone, anywhere, who’s ever fallen out with their friends or been too shy to make a new one. Also for youngsters experiencing teasing or bullying or feeling lonely or isolated.

What do they learn?

They learn all about friendships: the good, the bad and the ugly. They find out how to make friends, how to choose the right friends, how to deal with arguments and how to have good conversations. I give them strategies to deal with the extremes too: how to deal with people saying mean things and how to combat feeling lonely.

Give me an example 

We get creative by asking the kids to draw their Personal Power Suit that they can put on when they are near to mean people or when mean people say nasty things. The Power Suits make nasty comments bounce off and the kids stay strong inside. What a kit to have in your schoolbag!

The detail 

Often, going to school will be the first time children experience a wide range of thoughts, opinions and values. This can be hard to process, especially if someone suddenly starts to treat them badly. The Friendship Skills workshop helps children to decide what matters in a friendship: behaviours, conversation, values and what to do if they disagree. It’s ideal for kids who are moving school, joining vlubs or just having everyday ups and downs with their friendship groups.

When can we come?

More workshops coming soon.

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Cost £40 per child.

Friendships bring highs and lows. Some are short-term and others last a lifetime. Of course, we all know that now, but our first days, weeks and years at school were the time we learned the lessons. Sometimes it just takes a few simple tricks and tips to help our kids master the art of making friends. Whether they feel obliged to be friends with everyone, or spend lonely lunchtimes wishing they could find a playmate, the Friendship Skills workshop is for them. I’ll share lots of ideas on how to make friends, keep friends or even avoid those ‘friends’ who might be a bad influence.

No more tears, just years of happy friendships. 

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