Working Out Your Worries



Who is it for?

Boys and girls aged between 7 and 11. Whether they are overthinking things in general or worried about something specific, such as exams or going somewhere new, this course is for little worriers everywhere.

What do they learn?

They learn a little more about what worry is and what it does to our body and our emotions. Most importantly, they learn how to deal with the worries and move on with everyday life.

Give me an example

Kids learn visually. I help them to move the worries out of their head by drawing them on a big blank body shape. They get to show me where they feel their worries and even what they look like. We then discover how we can move the worries out of our body and replace them with positive thoughts.

The detail 

Kids are bombarded on a daily basis with new experiences and challenges. While they are still learning how to process their own, and others’, emotions, sometimes they can internalise an experience and turn it into a niggling worry. As a parent, you will have experienced the difficulty in getting a worry out of your little one’s head. By using interactive, visual exercises, we give the children strategies to cope with and eliminate their worries.

When can we come?

More workshops coming soon.

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Cost £40 per child.

Don’t just take my word for it though. See what the children who attended the workshop recently had to say about it…..