Heads Up! Revision Skills

Study skills and revision strategies to help your teen
get the grades they’re really capable of

For year 10 and 11 students, these 2 years of GCSE studies are hard.  So much information to take in, and exams can all be overwhelming if you don’t have an effective strategy for managing your workload and keeping focused and motivated.

revision stress for teens

I work with year 10 and 11 students to help them with their revision strategy and set them up and make their workload manageable without unnecessary stress and strain. Although schools teach some revision techniques, it’s often hard to find time on the timetable to cover them in sufficient depth. Having the right revision strategy can make all the difference to students and can set them up for later life too where they are likely to be faced with stressful workloads and demanding schedules.heads up help with GCSEs

Parents can often feel powerless to suggest the right thing and dealing with stressed out teenagers can make getting an effective revision strategy in place very emotionally challenging to say the least! So here’s where I can help…


HeadsUp!  Is a practical and interactive workshop ideal for Year 10 or 11 GCSE students who want to improve the effectiveness of their revision.


New for this year is a series of 4 one hour webinars covering the HeadsUp! Programme in an easily accessible format, without leaving home.

121 Coaching  

This is a 4 part programme one to one programme covering vital elements, hints, tips and strategies for Year 10 and 11 students.

I found the techniques and strategies really useful and I have been able to easily apply them to all my subjects

Year 11

The calming techniques have really helped me to revise and get in the right state to tackle my work

Year 11

I really liked the memory strategies. They worked so well – I can still remember the random list of objects we learned weeks ago!

Year 10

I learned about the use of mind maps in a way I hadn’t grasped before. I now use them properly! It’s made revision so much more enjoyable!

Year 11

I’m now able to actually spend less hours on my revision because I’m much more focused and I’m in the right state of mind before I start work. It’s so much more interesting revising using these techniques rather than just reading through my notes for hours!

Year 10