Heads Up! Revision Skills 121 Coaching

HEADS UP! 121 Coaching  

This is a 4 part programme one to one programme covering vital elements, hints, tips and strategies for Year 10 and 11 students.

The programme covers:

  • A basic understanding of how the brain works and how to get the most out of it
  • Techniques for staying calm and boosting concentration
  • Failsafe memory techniques for remembering just about anything
  • How to create effective revision notes and study tools
  • Ways to organise and motivate yourself to get more revision done

The cost for the 4 part programme, consisting of four 1 hour one to one sessions (either in person in Berkhamsted or via Skype) and a workbook full of all the strategies and exercises covered.

After payment, please call 07775 565220 to arrange your programme.

cost £240 per student

I found the techniques and strategies really useful and I have been able to easily apply them to all my subjects

Year 11

The calming techniques have really helped me to revise and get in the right state to tackle my work

Year 11

I really liked the memory strategies. They worked so well – I can still remember the random list of objects we learned weeks ago!

Year 10

I learned about the use of mind maps in a way I hadn’t grasped before. I now use them properly! It’s made revision so much more enjoyable!

Year 11

I’m now able to actually spend less hours on my revision because I’m much more focused and I’m in the right state of mind before I start work. It’s so much more interesting revising using these techniques rather than just reading through my notes for hours!

Year 10