Lisa, mum of daughter age 10

“My daughter loved the SuperKids course. She was excited and enthused to master new skills so easily. She was bubbling in the car on the way home telling me all about it. Since the course she has the ability to take hold of her feelings and reactions better than before. It’s full of stuff you don’t learn at school and how to take control of your life. I have recommended it to my friends!”

Hayley, mum of 2

“Parent Powers has really turned my thinking on its head and made me challenge the way I approach different situations arising in family life. The techniques I have learnt are flexible, non intrusive and adaptable according to what feels right or comfortable. I feel equipped to take a step back, to pause for a moment and to choose how I respond to resolve issues. A benefit is that my children have become more independent, willing to take responsibility for their own actions and they are beginning to understand how to resolve conflict for themselves. It’s also been great to share ideas and experiences, and to also laugh and have fun, with other parents, whom I now think of as friends.”

Kieran, age 8

“I’m going to use my goals so I know what I’m going to do in the future. It’s fantastic and fun and can help you to understand more”

Bianca, age 10

“It’s really fun and you learn a lot of secrets about your brain!”

Josh, age 9

“It’s very fun and worthwhile and I’m going to use it in my lessons”

Joanna, mum of 2 boys

“The Parent Powers course really did give me the power to make a change to my family life. It showed me how our brains work, and how we are all wired differently. I feel better able now to communicate with my children and motivate them, and be a calmer, more empathetic parent now I am equipped with the techniques that Beth has taught me. It really isn't your usual, traditional parenting course with rules that are expected to work for every child. It's about understanding how your individual child's brain works and adapting your parenting to suit. .”